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Adversarial.AI is the first product launched from the fellowship program.

Billions of events are created every day by applications that do telemetry, capture videos and track movement of physical assets. Although this data is rich, it can be hard to interpret and get value out of.

Events may not have explicit labels (i.e. business meaning) but they contain useful structure that deep learning algorithms can discover. 



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One prominent area of focus since inception has been researching systematic trading strategies using artificial intelligence.  Multibillion dollar hedge funds and prop traders currently trade with strategies that were developed in our fellowship program.

Karén Chaltikian leads this area of our research. His background includes more than 17 years in financial industry, including a decade at a hedge fund in BlackRock.  



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Lending.AI helps lenders make better decisions through artificial intelligence and novel use of data. We bring a modern approach to the underwriting process that uses latest machine learning techniques to predict default, prepayment and delinquency risk. 

We also use large-scale optimization and simulations to model capital reserves, liquidity and borrowing needs.