Tech Talk and Mentor Hours

Spend an evening with us to take your machine learning use case to the next level.  We will start with a tech talk that walks through applied deep learning use cases.  Next mentors will have breakout sessions to discuss your use cases and problems.  

Finally we'll set you up with the right contacts at Startup.ML and Google if you're interested in any of our respective programs.


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Tech Talk

05:00 pm - 06:00 pm 

Yelp users have uploaded millions of photos, and the rate of photos being added is only increasing. In order to deliver the best experience for these users, the photo understanding team has used deep learning to identify the most beautiful photos and display them throughout the site. In this talk we discuss the motivation for using a deep learning approach, explain how it was implemented, and show some illustrative results.

Speaker: Alex Miller,  Software Engineer, Photo Understanding team @ Yelp  / former Startup.ML fellow


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Startup.ML mentors and Google team will hold in-depth discussions about how to apply ML to specific industry use cases and applications.

Parallel tracks will be available for anyone that wants to bring along a problem of a specific dataset to discuss. 

Follow up

Startup.ML will evaluate startups for our accelerator program and invite qualified candidates to apply.

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The event is free however availability is limited. 

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