Bring Machine Learning to Your Company

Our seasoned data scientists actively engage with your company for four months to ensure that machine learning techniques are successfully embedded into your product and a smooth transition is made to an in-house team.  We then take on the role of a trusted advisor and provide counsel to founders to set them up for continued success.

Become a Data Scientist

Data Science is not knowledge to be acquired but rather a skill that can be learned and improved through practice.  The number one qualification employers look for when hiring a data science candidate is previous experience.  The Startup.ML fellowship gives aspiring data scientists the chance to hone their skills by building machine learning systems for companies.  

Grow Your Machine Learning Team

Startup.ML fellows have experience  solving real-world machine learning problems.  Partner with us if you are growing your data science team and want hires that will hit the ground running. 

Help Build the Machine Learning Community

An estimated 11 million people are involved in the software industry today (according to IDC). They write complicated, brittle software using a declarative approach that often fails to recognize the complexity of the real world and the intricacy of user behavior.

The future of software engineering is not declarative, it’s probabilistic.  Next.ML is a one-of-a-kind event that brings leading machine learning engineers from industry and academia together to kick off the transition to the probabilistic era of software development.