Clipdrop image editor and upscaler

Clipdrop image editor and upscaler

Clipdrop offers AI-powered image editing tools to create visuals in seconds, including upscaling, background removal/replacement, object deletion, relighting, text removal, uncropping, and more.

Flagship product Stable Diffusion XL generates high-resolution, realistic images from text prompts.

Other novel offerings are transforming doodles into images with Stable Doodle, generating image variations with Reimagine XL, and swapping people in photos.

Clipdrop also provides developers an API to integrate these leading AI capabilities into their own apps quickly.

The goal is to make powerful image generation and enhancement easily accessible to all.

We think Clipdrop has uniquely useful AI tools because the range addresses both image creation from scratch and improvement of existing visuals.

By tackling graphics needs from multiple angles in a user-friendly way, Clipdrop makes visually stunning results achievable for anyone looking to create or elevate visual content.

Automating labor-intensive editing tasks also massively speeds up workflows.

The API potential also promises to spread leading AI innovations to more products and users.