ChatPDF is an AI-driven tool transforming how students, researchers, and professionals interact with PDFs.

Its main draw is its ability to simplify complex research by summarizing and answering questions from any PDF, much like ChatGPT but specifically for PDF documents.

It’s a boon for efficiency, enabling users to quickly grasp the essence of lengthy papers and reports in multiple languages.

Notably, ChatPDF cites sources directly from the PDF, adding a layer of reliability to its responses.

However, there are some limitations.

ChatPDF currently uses GPT 3.5 and struggles with image-based content and tables in PDFs.

It also limits free users to two PDFs daily, with a maximum of 120 pages each, nudging users towards a paid plan for more extensive use.

Despite these constraints, ChatPDF stands out for its simplicity, security, and the innovative way it leverages AI to make research more accessible and interactive.