Caktus AI

Caktus AI study assistant mascot for education support.
caktus ai is an AI-powered study assistant for students.

It helps with writing essays, papers, and citations, providing academic sources and formatting help.

Caktus also assists with math, science, and coding in over 10 languages, explaining solutions in plain language.

It is integrated with published academic papers to ensure reliable sources.

Students can personalize Caktus by uploading their own writing for it to emulate.

As a chat-based AI, Caktus acts like a personal homework buddy available anytime.

It aims to make AI assistance more affordable and accessible for better learning outcomes.

We think Caktus is a game-changer for empowering students to get the most out of their education.

By leveraging AI to provide customized, on-demand academic help, Caktus can address common hurdles students face in understanding concepts or completing quality assignments on their own.

Making such a smart assistant widely accessible helps democratize learning.