AI Time Machine

MyHeritage AI Time Machine promotional webpage with avatar samples.
ai time machine

The AI Time Machine is an engaging feature from MyHeritage, leveraging AI to craft imaginary avatars of individuals as they might have appeared in various historical periods.

This tool transforms uploaded real photos into hyper-realistic AI avatars, set in diverse themes ranging from prehistoric times to space exploration.

The process involves uploading 10–25 photos, which the AI uses to create a model capable of depicting the subject in various poses and lighting conditions.

These models are then combined with motifs from different eras to generate photorealistic avatars.

The creation process is straightforward: upload photos, choose a title and gender, and then wait for an email notification to view the completed images.

It’s adaptable too; if you lack enough photos, you can take more with your phone.

For convenience, photo apps like iOS’s Photos and Google Photos can help gather images.

AI Time Machine offers a rich array of themes, including ancient Greece and 20th-century space themes.

The modeling process takes about 30 to 90 minutes.

To protect privacy, MyHeritage doesn’t store AI models indefinitely; they’re deleted after a month, though the avatars remain accessible in your gallery.

If you wish to create more avatars with different themes, it’s recommended to do so before the model is deleted.

If it is deleted, you’ll need to upload photos again to create a new model.

This tool stands out for its unique blend of history, personalization, and AI technology, offering a novel way to explore different historical periods through a personal lens.