Our Work



One prominent area of our focus since inception has been researching of systematic trading strategies using artificial intelligence.  Karén Chaltikian leads this area of our research. His background includes more than 17 years in financial industry, including a decade at a hedge fund in BlackRock.  

Multibillion dollar hedge funds and prop traders currently trade with strategies that were developed in our fellowship program.



Adversarial.AI is one of the first products launched from the fellowship program. Within adversarial domains our key focus areas include security, fraud and monitoring.  

We provide a cloud-based AI solution for adversarial machine learning that is used by some of the world’s largest telecommunications, transportation and financial services companies.



We also partner with startup incubators and accelerators to offer a mentorship program for startups interested in using machine learning to create differentiation.  We have active partnerships with Batchery and Acceleprise .